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0001007FS Upgrade Project (Media VPs)Model Relatedpublic2014-11-17 22:48
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Summary0001007: Model positioning issues in SM2-06, Endgame
DescriptionWhen playing through the main FS2 campaign on the 2014 MVPs, the Colossus and surrounding ships exhibit some odd behavior that comes close to breaking the mission.

First, when the Colossus jumps in, it "hops" around a little bit before drifting downward (strictly on its Z axis) and coming to a stop.

Next, when the Monitor departs, it does a short maneuver before it jumps, possibly to avoid colliding with the Colossus.

Finally, when the Iceni jumps in, it is deflected and shifts to the side a few hundred meters. As a result, its journey to the Knossos takes about 30 seconds longer. This is enough time for the Colossus to get its auxiliary beam cannons online and launch a beam volley at the Iceni. The Iceni makes it to the Knossos with only 11% hull left! (Actually, from looking at the mission this isn't a timing issue; rather it looks like the Iceni is deflected to such an extent that it drifts into view of a different set of turrets.)
Steps To ReproduceHappens every time I play Endgame with MVPs 2014. Does not happen if I play using the same build with the MVPs disabled.
Additional InformationI would speculate that this has something to do with the Colossus dimensions as noted in ticket 0001003. But this is only a guess.
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