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0001085The Babylon ProjectMission - Singleplayerpublic2017-09-14 05:28
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Summary0001085: Overhaul of tech room mission "SM_SFP_ANFaW"
DescriptionThis mission has multiple issues:
Most importantly, the player can pretty easily get into a never-ending mission. If one destroys a ship that is supposed to be scanned, the mission seemingly never ends (I haven't looked too hard in FRED, but nothing happens for several minutes).
It is voice-acted, but many of the messages don't actually correspond to the speech, and just say something like "C & C Feed".
General spelling mistakes.
At the end, the player is supposed to fly into a hangar, but is never told that. This is part of a larger problem with unclear directives, which is how I got the eternal mission. I wasn't trying to break the game; the directives are just bad so I misunderstood them.
There may be more, but this is what I discovered in a couple playthroughs.
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2017-09-14 05:28

developer   ~0001315

I've fixed all the issues I noticed, but I may have missed something so I'm leaving this issue open.

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