0001003: [Model Related] Colossus size incorrect
0001005: [Texture Related] GVCv Sobek glow maps have squared off edges at certain distances. (MjnMixael)
0001031: [Interface Related] MVP2014 HUD missing at 2160p or more (MjnMixael)
0001009: [Interface Related] MD4.ani and 2_MD4.ani are missing (MjnMixael)
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0000997: [Mission Related] Regular Cyclops available on some missions, not just Cyclops#Short (blowfish)
0000847: [Mission Related] Bastion in SM3-09 does not have nameplate (Zacam)
0000765: [Misc/Other/Unsure] glowpoints in MV_Effects instead of MV_Assets (Zacam)
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0000584: [Feedback/Feature Request] Adding version numbers to mediavps mod folders (Zacam)
0000547: [Effect Related] Effects inconsistencies (Fury)
0000552: [Effect Related] newmiss5 referenced in mv_effects-wep.tbm (Fury)
0000581: [Mission Related] Dockpoint error in The Sixth Wonder (Zacam)
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Stuff Pending for 3.6.11 Release to fix.
0000444: [Mission Related] Loop2-2 crashes debug (The E)
0000501: [Model Related] Transport02.pof has rotation defined but no axis (Zacam)
0000503: [Model Related] Science01.pof has rotation defined on detail-2 (Zacam)
0000440: [Mission Related] Debriefing audio in Exodus (sm3-06.fs2) contains repeat (Zacam)
0000438: [Model Related] Serious problem loading model subspacenode.pof, 36 normals capped to zero (Zacam)
0000297: [Table/TBM Related] TAG-C not player allowed but V inlcudes it in player loadouts (Zacam)
0000439: [Texture Related] 0001994: Debug builds crash when trying to view ships in the F3 Lab or the Tech Room. (Zacam)
0000296: [Mission Related] Messages sent from <any wingman> don't seem to work (The E)
0000276: [Mission Related] TSM-104: Invalid Ship name referenced (Zacam)
0000275: [Mission Related] Problem with ship names in SM3-10 (Zacam)
0000274: [Mission Related] CoopLoop1-3 Love the traitor - invalid use of wing in break warp = crash (Zacam)
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Issues with existing 3.6.10 Files
0000290: [Model Related] Missing cache files (Zacam)
0000278: [Mission Related] TSM1-04 Freighter name change (Zacam)
0000186: [Mission Related] SM2-08 Causes Sexp Overflow (Zacam)
0000185: [Model Related] Eyepoint Centering (Zacam)
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0001088: [Mission - Singleplayer] Overhaul of tech room mission Points of Departure (PIe)
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0000933: [Asset - Model] Incorporate Col. Fishguts HTL package models into Zathras (FUBAR-BDHR)
0000732: [Other] EA Ship map cleanup (FUBAR-BDHR)
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0000950: [Textures] Warlock normal map made for old version of ship (emi_100)
0000946: [Textures] Nova normal map based off of old texture (emi_100)
0000510: [Model issue] lods and debri , all other races (FUBAR-BDHR)
0000932: [Asset - Effects] Corrected beam and particle colors (FUBAR-BDHR)
0000940: [Model issue] Check and adjust fire points on multipart turrets (FUBAR-BDHR)
0000942: [Model issue] Tanker uses Freighter maps resulting in conflict with HTL Freighters (FUBAR-BDHR)
0000925: [Model issue] Fighterbays do not have enough bay paths to support launching full wings (FUBAR-BDHR)
0000926: [Asset - Model] Centauri Demos from Reven (FUBAR-BDHR)
0000927: [Asset - Table addition] Weapons for Centauir Demos (FUBAR-BDHR)
0000934: [Asset - Textures] Drakh engine's Animated glow fx (FUBAR-BDHR)
0000937: [Asset - Effects] Asteroids explosion wrong (FUBAR-BDHR)
0000930: [Asset - Model] Figure out how to get the HP auoroas into Zathras (FUBAR-BDHR)
0000294: [Model issue] Landscape Model doesn't show correctly in Briefings (FUBAR-BDHR)
0000283: [Other] Target briefing icon needs changed (FUBAR-BDHR)
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0000907: [Model issue] EA Lifepod moves on wrong axis (FUBAR-BDHR)
0000909: [Model issue] Bin'Tak - Multi-part turrets not set up (FUBAR-BDHR)
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0000441: [Other] Textures need coverted from TGA and JPG to DDS. (FUBAR-BDHR)
0000566: [Model issue] Explorer turret firing angle buggy (FUBAR-BDHR)
0000595: [Table issue] Update interceptors to use burst fire instead of swarm. (FUBAR-BDHR)
0000606: [Table issue] Maint bot - no weapon energy (FUBAR-BDHR)
0000282: [Textures] Warlock UVmap slightly off (FUBAR-BDHR)
0000594: [Textures] Narn debris glows cause white line on big surfaces (FUBAR-BDHR)
0000593: [Textures] EA-Debris01-glow.eff textures have white line (FUBAR-BDHR)
0000430: [Model issue] DH Destroyer null MOI (FUBAR-BDHR)
0000560: [Table issue] CR Marcanos subsystems do not match pof (FUBAR-BDHR)
0000428: [Model issue] CR Marcanos null MOI (FUBAR-BDHR)
0000565: [Table issue] SH Carrier - pof/table subsystem mismatch (FUBAR-BDHR)
0000563: [Model issue] DH Mothership rotiation on debris-31 (FUBAR-BDHR)
0000564: [Model issue] DH Tanker - rotation without axis on debirs (FUBAR-BDHR)
0000561: [Model issue] EA Nova - subsystems pof/table mismatch (FUBAR-BDHR)
0000562: [Model issue] VF Xill - Rotation without axis on debris (FUBAR-BDHR)
0000558: [Model issue] CR Rutarian debris issues (FUBAR-BDHR)
0000559: [Table issue] CR Ritan subsystem issue (FUBAR-BDHR)
0000557: [Model issue] GOD sat subsystem navigation defined in pof but not table (FUBAR-BDHR)
0000556: [Model issue] Maint Bot - rotation without axis on debris (FUBAR-BDHR)
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