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0001113FS Upgrade Project (Media VPs)Misc/Other/Unsurepublic2018-10-22 20:06
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Summary0001113: Invalid files on MediaVPs 3.8.2 when verifying file integrity.
DescriptionError message on Knossos when checking file integrity of MediaVPs 3.8.2.
Following packages are invalid:
-MV_Radaricons of mod MediaVPs
-MV_Music of mod MediaVPs

Redownloaded those files few times and had the same error message pop up, clean install of FS2 done. No effect whatsoever.
Steps To ReproduceVerify file integrity of mod MediaVPS 3.8.2
Additional InformationRunning W10
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2018-10-06 12:49


Error.PNG (9,530 bytes)
Error.PNG (9,530 bytes)


2018-10-06 12:55

reporter   ~0001375

Report on wrong project.
Request transfer to FS Upgrade Project.


2018-10-22 19:54

administrator   ~0001381

That sounds like a Knossos bug. Make sure you're using the latest version of Knossos (currently 0.13.3), go to the Troubleshooting tab and click "Discard local changes to mod.json files". Once it's done, tell Knossos to verify the file integrity again and allow it to fix the issues it finds. Afterwards, verify again and everything should be fine.

If that still doesn't fix the issue, please post on the Knossos thread:


2018-10-22 20:06

administrator   ~0001383

Moved per antsa's request.

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