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0000183FS Upgrade Project (Media VPs)Mission Relatedpublic2009-06-21 20:46
ReporterZacamAssigned ToZacam 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.6.10 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000183: Ship $Name values containing Class Prefix
DescriptionMajority votes seem to favor NOT displaying Class designator
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2009-06-08 05:20

administrator   ~0000111

Currently in progress.


2009-06-08 17:17

reporter   ~0000112

Hi there... =)

What am I supposed to do? Should I compile a list of corrected ship names and post it here?

I could easily make the changes via FRED and attach a .rar here (looks like Mantis allows that, to some extent). Is it the most appropriate modus operandi? Thanks in advance for the much needed info.


2009-06-08 23:41

administrator   ~0000113

Well. Let us see here:

It's Open. It is Acknowledged. It's assigned. And I even posted that it is in progress.

So, I guess if you are impatient as all get go, you _could_ do it yourself.

Or, you could wait for me to close it once I commit the mission changes, since any future release is sorta contingent on (IMO) fixing this issue.

More helpful? Find anything that you don't already see here, and post it.


2009-06-09 14:37

reporter   ~0000114

Sorry for that - I'm not that familiar with Mantis, so I thought this issue was assigned to me.


2009-06-13 23:54

administrator   ~0000118

Single Player Campaign corrections committed in SVN 159.

Still Pending Co-Op changes.


2009-06-21 20:46

administrator   ~0000139

All SP and Co-Op missions now only display Class Prefix for ship names in Command and Mission Briefs, iin mission, only Ship Name displays in HUD.

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