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Summary0000905: No personas for any non-EA species.
DescriptionOnly EA pilot personas were ever set up and voice acted. The other species will need to be done eventually.
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2013-03-11 18:42

manager   ~0001149

We NEVER see a Centauri Pilot in the show, there exists no footage. Actually, we only see EA, Minbari and Narn pilots. Question is what to do here.


2013-03-11 21:26

manager   ~0001150

Well we don't need to actually see them this is about hearing them. We can make huds that turn off the head ani use for other species.


2013-09-24 23:59

reporter   ~0001170

I made .tbl-alterations to include two Narn pilots (using both Narn-pilots .anis in TBP core) during the Drums of War-dev cicle but never made anything of it for the lack of voice-overs and due to (maybe imagined) table-restrictions.


2013-09-25 00:35

manager   ~0001171

I don't think there are any table limitations anymore. Getting species tabled probably isn't that hard it's the voice acting that will most likely prove the biggest issue.


2013-09-26 08:17

reporter   ~0001172

If 0rph3u5 doesn't get to it first, I'm willing to write personas for the rest of the species.

Voice acting is another animal. Since it's dependent on people who might get back to you in a matter of days or who might take years, it's a longer term project.


2013-09-26 23:53

reporter   ~0001173

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Considering the number of races we'd have to cover (Centauri, Minbari, Drakh, Shadows, Vorlons, Drazi, Brakirii, Vree(?)) it would be best if we would split the work and then merge it in a final file. Working with the messages.tbl is annoying enough.

Another issue would be that aside from the EA there is no cannon system to designate fighter wings; but that is in the end a creative problem.

Organising the voice-overs would be step two and something for someone with some experience in the matter.

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