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0000933The Babylon ProjectAsset - Modelpublic2013-03-14 22:20
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Target VersionZathras 2.7Fixed in VersionZathras 2.8 
Summary0000933: Incorporate Col. Fishguts HTL package models into Zathras
DescriptionThis includes replacements for the following models:

EA Cargo Pod 1
EA Freighter 1
EA Freighter 2
EA 109 Zephyr

EA Venom 1
EA venom 2
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2013-01-19 08:59

manager   ~0001097

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Checked the Zephyr out. Generated model paths for subsysetems in pcs2. Should test docking on the carrier before final release.

Cargopod01 - eyepoint changed to 0.000000:0.000000:15.500000

Venom1 & 2 - Increased size by 7.5% to match diameter and length of old version more closely (secondary collisions are based on 2x radius so the old sizes were 15% difference) . Adjusted y axis position of both flight and external model to match position of old version. Eye point added to external model. Eye point and thruster adjusted on flight model. Created new tech model from flight model that is scaled to fit into loadout screen (must be approx 1.67 in length to rotate without clipping). Added LODs.

Freighter1 & 2- Detached engine and communications as subobjects. Created duplicate -destroyed versions. Capped hole where engine was detached in case someone uses no_replace flag (this could use a bit of a touch up mapping wise). Added 4 invisible .01m cubes to detail0 at left, right, forward, and rear most places on ship for proper collision detection. Detached cargo pods on lod3 so it can be used with no or docked containers. Added $weapon special point to pof. Textures renamed to match old ones to maintain texture replacement compatibility with old missions. A green version of the maps will be needed.


2013-01-25 04:21

manager   ~0001101

Waiting on approval for the changes made.

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