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0000942The Babylon ProjectModel issuepublic2013-02-14 03:56
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionZathras 2.7 
Target VersionZathras 2.7Fixed in VersionZathras 2.7 
Summary0000942: Tanker uses Freighter maps resulting in conflict with HTL Freighters
DescriptionIn order to preserve compatibility with texture replacement the HTL Freighter maps need to be the same name as the original Freighter maps. The problem is there is no HTL Tanker so the Tanker picks up the HTL freighter maps when they are present thus breaking the model.
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2013-02-14 03:56

manager   ~0001116

Resolved by duplicating freighter maps and setting the tanker to use the copies. Some missions are affected and will need to be updated.

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