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0000963FS Upgrade Project (Media VPs)Interface Relatedpublic2013-12-02 04:42
ReporterYarnAssigned ToMjnMixael 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.6.12 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000963: Weapons6.ani missing
DescriptionThe MediaVPs are missing Weapons6.ani, which is needed for the third primary slot if ballistic primaries are not used.
Additional InformationA zip file containing Weapons6.ani and 2_Weapons6.ani is attached.

MV_Root does contain a file called Weapon6.pcx, but its width is incorrect, and it lacks a small change necessary to make it fit with the rest of the weapons gauge. (Look very closely near the top-left of my Weapons6.ani and you will see what I mean.) It's not loaded anyway since it has the wrong name and format.
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2013-04-05 08:32

reporter (501 bytes)


2013-04-05 08:39

reporter   ~0001155

One correction: The Weapon6.pcx file in MV_Root actually is the correct width. However, it still lacks that other visual change mentioned above, so I still recommend my version.


2013-12-01 18:54

reporter   ~0001176

The 2014 has changed this to an ANI file, but it's still called Weapon6.ani; it needs to be called Weapons6.ani (plural).

There's still a problem with the upper-left corner of the graphic. I've attached an image that hopefully shows why. The files that I attached earlier do not have this problem.


2013-12-01 18:54


Weapon6Wrong.png (1,625 bytes)
Weapon6Wrong.png (1,625 bytes)


2013-12-02 04:42

manager   ~0001181

Fixed in revision 1387

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