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0001002The Babylon ProjectTable issuepublic2015-03-14 08:44
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PlatformPC DesktopOSWindows 7 x64OS VersionSP1
Product VersionZathras 2.6 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001002: Multiple table errors on launch in every FSO version post-r10391
DescriptionThis is what I did:

- I downloaded and installed TBP 3.4b final into a new directory
- Downloaded and installed Campaign package 2.0 into this same directory (adding also Drums of war 3, new "Operations" and Fortune Hunters 3 (or whatever it's called XD)
- Downloaded and installed Zathras 2.8 into its own subdirectory
- Downloaded and installed HTLpackage into its own subdirectory
- Downloaded and replaced the main FSO executable (with a newest nightly) and the launcher 5.5b (with a newer 5.5g)
- Set up some basic parameters and mod selections (HTL primary, Zathras secondary)
- Tried to run the game
- Got 34 errors, weapons.tbl mentioned at least the three first times.

Debug build gives the following error:

weapons.tbl(line 7545): Error: Missing required token: [+Bitmap:]. Found [$Icon: iconTempest] instead.

ERROR: weapons.tbl(line 7545):
Error: Missing required token: [+Bitmap:]. Found [$Icon: iconTempest] instead.

File: parselo.cpp
Line: 333
Int3(): From c:\code\fs2_open_0\code\globalincs\windebug.cpp at line 1253

The whole log is added as an attachment.
Steps To ReproduceGet a post-r10391 nightly build and try to launch the TBP with it.
Additional InformationThis is the commit that caused this behaviour:

$ git bisect good
e39f7d1fa8d58c53ae82c07247a5e20f1b58e636 is the first bad commit
commit e39f7d1fa8d58c53ae82c07247a5e20f1b58e636
Author: Echelon9 <Echelon9@387891d4-d844-0410-90c0-e4c51a9137d3>
Date: Sat Feb 1 22:05:47 2014 +0000

    Fix Mantis 2997: Make +Bitmap a required table item if a weapon trail has been set
    git-svn-id: svn:// 387891d4-d844-0410-90c0-e4c51a9137d3

Apparently this commit was a response to this Mantis Ticket:
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2014-04-16 17:20


fs2_open.log (13,289 bytes)


2015-03-14 08:37

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This is a problem in Zathras version 2.8 as well, but should be a very easy fix. A +Bitmap parameter will need to be added to the "Nothing" dummy weapon that is used in multiplayer missions. We can probably get away with using an existing graphic since the "weapon" in question cannot be fired anyway.

I should add that this will address the first problem encountered. The other 33 errors the debug build throws up will be their own adventure.

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