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0000208FS Upgrade Project (Media VPs)Misc/Other/Unsurepublic2009-09-06 20:31
ReporterBalthazorAssigned ToZacam 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.6.10 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000208: Fury#Shivan displays in the weapon category of the tech room.
DescriptionAn empty entry named Fury#Shivan displays in the weapon category of the tech room. I have tried creating a new pilot at both the login screen and in the barracks, and restarting The Great War campaign, but the entry remains.

No model or text is associated with this 'weapon' entry.
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2009-06-16 15:55

developer   ~0000127

Yeah, it looks like the Port tables have:
$Flags: ( "in tech database" "player allowed" )
for the Shivan fury.

While it's technically a Port bug, we'll probably end up fixing it one way or another, so I'll leave this open too. :)


2009-06-16 18:41

reporter   ~0000128

Err... sorry, I mistakenly thought this project page was for FS Port, not the FS Upgrade project.

I'll restrict reported issues to the FS Upgrade project in the future, and direct FS port issues to their subforum or wherever they receive such information.


2009-06-17 01:06

developer   ~0000129

No no - keep them coming here. :)

FS Port bugs are fine by me because I'm actually hoping that the FSU might be able to join up with the Port. As a unified project it could mean the port could be continually updated in tandem with the MVPs and the main FS2 campaign.


2009-06-17 08:55

reporter   ~0000130

OK, you got it.


2009-06-18 00:31

administrator   ~0000133

I just added Port 3.1 to the options to select from, should have thought of it sooner.


2009-06-20 04:13

administrator   ~0000135

This is fixed in Port SVN, though it won't be released-fixed until 3.2.


2009-09-06 20:31

administrator   ~0000297

Fixed for Port 3.2

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