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0000438FS Upgrade Project (Media VPs)Model Relatedpublic2009-09-21 03:59
ReporterFuryAssigned ToZacam 
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Product Version3.6.10 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.6.11 
Summary0000438: Serious problem loading model subspacenode.pof, 36 normals capped to zero
DescriptionError in summary field pops up every time a mission using new mediavps subspacenode.pof is loaded to fred2_open debug. Reproducible in both 3.6.10 and .11 fred2_open debug.
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2009-09-19 21:10

administrator   ~0000328

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The Retail SubSpaceNode.pof does not have this error.

The best that I can do is bring the reported number of capped normals to 10.

I've attached the Retail, Current and Modified MediaVP version.

Versions from 3.6.8Z and 3.6.10 Beta are matching the current MediaVP model, so this has been around for awhile.

Further, I wouldn't necessarily call this a serious error. FRED does place the SubSpaceNode and carry on. Now, if FRED crashed immediately afterwards, then we'd have a more significant problem.

However, it is an annoyance that does not need to exist, so it shall be taken care of.

Comparing the models, the difference I see between Current and Retail is: sphere01 is now Node. Apparently no effect, but who knows. Dummy Texture assigned, no idea if there is an issue there since it doesn't seem to care.

I fixed the MOI from Retail as well as the Center of Mass and Mass itself. Bounding Boxes I can accept having a bit of drift. But our (MediaVP) models Max Radius is almost TWICE that of the Retail model.

I then purged BSP and Calculated Smoothing data. And now we have a unit at 10.

2009-09-21 03:55


SubSpaceNode.7z (7,413 bytes)


2009-09-21 03:59

administrator   ~0000337

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Attached SubSpaceNode.7z for a corrected Model.

#IRC Excerpt:
<Esarai> I opened it up... and there are no zero-area faces and no duplicates.
<Esarai> I did notice about 46 faces out of 102 had normals that faced away from the rest of the normals.
<Esarai> so I aligned them.
<Esarai> And in PCS2 it renders smoothly
<Esarai> not that blotch job it was on the current.
#End Excerpt

SVN Commit 230, after correcting MOI to Retail and removing dummy texture association.

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