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0000902The Babylon ProjectModel issuepublic2013-02-14 08:37
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Product VersionTBP 3.4b Final 
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Summary0000902: CR Brezebel - Turret issues
DescriptionThe 2 turrets on this ship have major issues. They should be multi-part but are single-part. The FOV is set to 90 which leaves major blind spots and results in the ship firing through it's own hull.

The problem is fixing it could easily unbalance existing missions. Research into how many missions use the ship and of those which if any would result in balance issues if the changes are made.
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2013-02-14 08:37

manager   ~0001117

Checked all the missions and this really should break any balance. The problem now is the turret really needs some geometry changes if it's going to work correctly. The base is too big for it to rotate properly and one of the turrets actually has it just stuck into the hull.

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