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Summary0000931: B5's Lens Flare FX & New Suns Maps
DescriptionReplace the default Freespace 2's lens flare fx to the B5 CGI's style (LightWave), and replace the suns maps
Need to be tested.

Download link -LENS FLARE-: NEW v.02 v.01

HLP Forum post:

Download link -NEW SUNS-:
1024^2 maps for stars
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2013-01-18 09:24

manager   ~0001095

Took a quick look at these. One thing I noticed was it is using the existing $sun and $sunglow entries from 3.4b. Would you be interested in creating new effects for these as well? You could go with some better detail and use 1024x1024 maps.


2013-01-28 18:20

developer   ~0001108

this new fx, will replace the old ones on all the suns?
i think freespace do not support 1024x1024 maps on lensflare fx.
I think i alredy tested it.


2013-01-28 21:57

manager   ~0001110

I think the lens flares are fine. I don't see why they wouldn't handle 1024^2 maps but do they really need them? I was talking about 1024^2 maps for new stars.

Really haven't decided on how to incorporate the flares yet. Only made it as far as noticing the ugly stars themselves.


2013-03-04 01:58

developer   ~0001135

1024^2 maps for new stars

Added on main post too.



2013-03-04 02:04

developer   ~0001136



2013-03-04 04:15

manager   ~0001137

Just took a quick look and was wondering if the glows are all the same? If so I'd rather just give it a generic name and modify the table. Of course I only took a quick look at them and didn't compare them side by side so they might not be the same. Let me know either way.


2013-03-04 04:21

developer   ~0001138

yes, the glow are all the same, just a test, it have to be tested


2013-03-04 10:04

manager   ~0001140

This will be in the next version for testing. Leaving this open until we get some feedback.


2013-03-15 15:06


sun1.png (473,814 bytes)


2013-03-15 15:07


sun2.png (342,415 bytes)


2013-03-15 15:15


b5sunSeason1.PNG (234,723 bytes)
b5sunSeason1.PNG (234,723 bytes)


2013-03-15 15:23

manager   ~0001151

Uploaded some images: One from the show, two from ingame. I must say that I am not convinced of these effects yet. First, I think the new suns look more like the lidless eye of Sauron than an actual solar body. Not sure if this is related to my widescreen resolution 1920x1080 though. This is especially evident in the sun2.png shot.
I also think the sun glare lines (the horizontal blue things, that's the corona002 file) are exaggerated, they are too strong and too blue. The show's effect is more subtle. The sun's rays are also too long and evident in that shot, check out the fine lines in the space between the Thunderbolt and the sun! Looks like the "supernova"-effect from Gimp to me, am I right?

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