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0000948The Babylon ProjectAsset - Modelpublic2013-03-08 05:00
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Product VersionZathras 2.7 
Target VersionZathras 2.7Fixed in Version 
Summary0000948: New HTL EA Hyperion Model
DescriptionReplace the old EA Hyperion Model v0.1

Need to be tested
Additional InformationUpgrade model, more detail.
It has shine, glow and normals maps.
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2013-03-04 09:06

manager   ~0001139

I haven't downloaded these yet but I'm wondering if you made these or if you got them somewhere else?

Also could you please email them to me. I'm getting virus alerts from mediafire.


2013-03-05 00:49

developer   ~0001141

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The model is from Homeworld 2 B5 mod. I convert it.
yes, of course, what is your email?


2013-03-05 03:31

manager   ~0001143

Email is [email protected]

This could be a problem though since first we need permission to use the models. Second the size, relative geometry, position of subsystems, turrets, etc all have to match up with the existing model.


2013-03-05 04:05

developer   ~0001144

Permission is not a problem Fubar.
And about size, relative geometry is ok.
Position of subsystems, turrets, etc I test it for months now, and I think it's ok.


2013-03-08 05:00

manager   ~0001145

Well there are definitely some major hurdles that would need to be overcome to use these.

-First we would need to obtain explicit permission for their use and modification of them. You say it's not a problem but I'm pretty sure we had to deny them use of our assets at one time so it could be.
-Second is they need some major editing before they could be used. Subobjects, collision issues, lods, and subsystems are some of the things I see with just a glance at the pof.
-Third is the lack of source files. While the model itself can be reverse engineered from the pof it's always better to start from the original file. This would help with the above. The bigger issue is textures. If the source textures are not available in uncompressed format (aka layers) then we can't make new new nameplates. Unlike the non-HTL versions you can't just edit the .dds file and get acceptable results. This is a killer for the Nova.

So unless we can get permission and the source textures I really don't think we can use these.

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