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0000974The Babylon ProjectAsset - Modelpublic2013-08-30 09:02
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Summary0000974: EA Olympus engine subsystems are huge
DescriptionThe EA Olympus' engines take damage from shots that don't land anywhere near the engines. For instance, shooting at the hull near the railgun turret can degrade the engines. The subsystem box seems to be much larger than the engines themselves.

For Zathras 2.7c.
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2013-08-30 09:02

manager   ~0001167

Unfortunately this one is caused by the low poly nature of the model. Those engines (not counting the fins) are just made of 1 poly for the back and one for each side. In order to make them smaller I would need to modify the mesh. Another model that is really showing it's age and could use an update.

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