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0000987FS Upgrade Project (Media VPs)Mission Relatedpublic2013-12-27 00:24
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Summary0000987: Various bugs in SM2-10, A Flaming Sword
DescriptionThe mission is pretty brittle. It's easy to accidentally break it by satisfying a directive but not a goal, or vice versa.

Here are the bugs reported in the Main Campaign Bugs thread (

Mission: A Flaming Sword
VO states Mara's, but Astaroths show up.
Renenet does not always open fire on enemy units when it should (see next bullet point).
Very specific actions need to be taken by the player in order for the mission to work properly. Fix suggestions: The "Sneaky" event should have its AND/OR logic changed to all ORs; the "Lure Directive" should become true if Aries and Scorpio are destroyed; and the "Engage Directive" should also become true if "A3 Pull them out" is true.
Epsilon wing should be ship-guardianed, as they send plot-relevant messages.
The Renenet crashes into the Sathanas in the process of jumping out.
If Lambda 1 deposits the meson bomb and is then destroyed during its escape sequence the mission script will break and the mission cannot be completed.
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2013-12-07 06:51

manager   ~0001215

Mara/Astaroth mixup has already been dealt with.


2013-12-27 00:24

manager   ~0001245

Fixed in revision 1533 thanks to Axem.

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