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0000998FS Upgrade Project (Media VPs)Misc/Other/Unsurepublic2014-03-02 08:58
ReporterHellzedAssigned ToZacam 
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS VersionUbuntu 13.10
Product Version3.7.x 
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Summary0000998: SM2-08 Sathanas engine glow disappearance
DescriptionIn this nebula mission, if I get too close to the Sathanas engine glows (LOD0, I think), they just disappear. All I can see is the "heat" shader effect and the model, but no big glow around the engines (I noticed that for the first time on the "lower arms" engines)...
As soon as I get farther, these glows reappear.
Steps To ReproduceGet close to the Sathanas engines.
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2013-12-29 06:41

manager   ~0001246

This is not a problem with the Sathanas POF as non-nebula missions don't have the issue. Obviously it's something nebula related, possible fog multiplier related...

Will have to investigate more thoroughly.


2013-12-29 16:05

reporter   ~0001247

Maybe it is unrelated, but I'm also experiencing one or two other bugs in the same mission :
- Under certain angles/at certain distances, the Sathanas as a whole model disappears. At first I thought I was not facing it, until I bumped repeatedly into it...
- Sometimes, for a few frames, the Sathanas is fully visible on top of the nebula cloud effects. It happens as I get closer, maybe it is LOD related ? (i think this bug has been filed somewhere)


2013-12-29 20:43

manager   ~0001248

I'm beginning to suspect code bugs and not mediavps bugs. I can't think of anything in the mediavps that would cause such behavior only in the nebulas.


2014-01-02 09:37

reporter   ~0001250

So shall I report that on SCP Mantis instead ?


2014-01-02 17:02

reporter   ~0001251

The bug does not happen in SM1-05 (Mystery of the Trinity) on the Aquitaine's engines.


2014-01-02 17:05

manager   ~0001252

I know, I checked that. However, there is nothing specifically different between the Sath and the Aquitaine's engine glow setup... except that one references shivan colored glows and the other terran.


2014-01-02 17:30

reporter   ~0001253

Anyway, even with this bug solved, the mission would still hardly be playable with the Sathanas constantly going invisible before poping up again...

I tried "The Fog of War" : Rahu's engines glows do not disappear when I get close, but their occlusion patter is really weird. It's hard to describe :

sometime I can see the engine glow through their hull sometimes I can't. I think it's a matter of angle (imagine 2 180° hemispheres, the surface on which the engine glow is attached defining the plane between the two hemispheres.

Whenever I'm in the same hemisphere as the engine glow, I can see it, even through the hull.

Whenever I'm in the opposite hemisphere, they look ok.)

Is it just me, or can you confirm that too ?


2014-01-03 16:03


fs2_open.log (54,554 bytes)


2014-03-02 08:58

administrator   ~0001258

There are two parts to the issue.

The Sathanas POF popping in and out isn't restricted to the model itself (nuSath) directly, but in mv_effects-obt.tbm settings for '+Compl dist:' as well as lack of '+Fog Near Mult:' & '+Fog Far Mult:' being used by the mission, however the calculation behind fogging and correlation to eyepoint is still bugged. Note the difference between "in cockpit" view vs. "Chase Cam" or "External Camera" views in terms of what is rendered.

However, neither of those solutions (which correct for the model), correct for the detail0 attached thrusters (the rear 'Main Body' ones, the ones on the "arms" are now unaffected, but the framebuffer distortion is visible before they are) which will likely require some code investigation in addition to the eyepoint issue mentioned above.

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