Stuff Pending for 3.6.11 Release to fix.
0000444: [Mission Related] Loop2-2 crashes debug (The E)
0000501: [Model Related] Transport02.pof has rotation defined but no axis (Zacam)
0000503: [Model Related] Science01.pof has rotation defined on detail-2 (Zacam)
0000440: [Mission Related] Debriefing audio in Exodus (sm3-06.fs2) contains repeat (Zacam)
0000438: [Model Related] Serious problem loading model subspacenode.pof, 36 normals capped to zero (Zacam)
0000297: [Table/TBM Related] TAG-C not player allowed but V inlcudes it in player loadouts (Zacam)
0000439: [Texture Related] 0001994: Debug builds crash when trying to view ships in the F3 Lab or the Tech Room. (Zacam)
0000296: [Mission Related] Messages sent from <any wingman> don't seem to work (The E)
0000276: [Mission Related] TSM-104: Invalid Ship name referenced (Zacam)
0000275: [Mission Related] Problem with ship names in SM3-10 (Zacam)
0000274: [Mission Related] CoopLoop1-3 Love the traitor - invalid use of wing in break warp = crash (Zacam)
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